Lisa Maas, MS, CISSN | Vital You Institute Consultant

Hi, I’m Lisa Maas. I’m an ex-tennis athlete,  Sports Nutritionist, M.Sc. in Nutrition, and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

But first and foremost, I’m a health seeker. Like you, I was fatigued and stressed out all the time, gained weight for no reason, lost motivation on training hard like I used to, and just felt weak and tired all the time. I was confused about all the conflicting information out there, tried all possible diets and spent tons of money on supplements. 

And, like you, I know what it’s like to not be getting the results you feel you deserve. 

Belonging to a family of medical doctors, I witnessed first-hand the challenges that medicine faces today. Many of my parent’s patients, as well my own patients now, tell us that they experience persisting stomach pain, constipation, chronic fatigue, the inability to focus and concentrate, weight gain and the inability to lose fat, regular skin outbreaks, cravings, decreased sex drive, no motivation at work or in the gym, aches and pain, feeling cold all the time, the list goes on and on… 

Most of these individuals consulted with their doctor and were told that everything was “normal”, but that just didn’t feel right to them. 

Seeing that most of these people were taking an endless list of medications but not really improving, made me realize that mainstream medicine isn’t set up to meet our unique needs. 

Not very long ago, I felt conflicted, stressed and tired from the constant pressure that I put on myself of having to always perform better, look better, make more money, and to please everyone around me. My health was suffering tremendously. I discovered I had several nutrient deficiencies, severe gut and adrenal dysfunction, an under-functioning thyroid, bacterial and parasitic infections, and hormonal imbalances. I decided it was time to play detective and look at underlying lifestyle, nutrition and environmental factors, and to apply my medical training to myself. 

Within a few months of making dietary changes, taking only those supplements that I really needed, and significantly changing my lifestyle, I had fixed my major health issues and am feeling enormously better.  

Following in my family footsteps, but using a more natural and proactive approach, I embarked on a journey to rigorously seek out the very best in human health and vitality. The solution to my problems became the Vital You Method, and it has since worked incredibly well for everyone I’ve partnered over the last several years. Now wherever I am in the world, I enjoy:  

  • Resilience by having strategies and tools to adapt to modern life
  • Maximum vitality by giving my cells the most appropriate fuel
  • Strength, leanness, and feeling comfortable and happy in my own body
  • Ability  to break through barriers holding me back from being my best
  • Spending quality time with my family and friends
  • Collaborating with incredible colleagues who continue to inspire me

I have found my purpose. Using my own journey as a source of inspiration, I have an insatiable appetite and passion for empowering people to take ownership of their health and live an extraordinary lifestyle.  

I’m a consultant, but rather than fixing problems or symptoms, I fix people, whether they struggle with the number on the scale, feel irritable, or can’t find the motivation to do anything. 

I specialise in root cause analysis because I know, and evidence shows, that the greatest health transformations are triggered by addressing the root cause, not the signs. 

Everyone is different. Sometimes I recommend lifestyle strategies and tools to track progress. Sometimes I recommend supplements that fill nutritional gaps that you might have. Sometimes I recommend botanical therapies with a very low risk profile. Many times I prescribe all of the above. It’s not one method fits all.

With every patient I see, I consider their unique context, physiology and preferences, and co-create a plan to  promote maximum health, vitality and happiness. This is my mission at The Vital You Institute.  

I aim to be an inspirational leader and teacher by living and breathing what I teach and aligning myself with nature as closely as possible. My mission at The Vital You Institute – and in life – is to help people feel empowered, vital and balanced from their cells to their souls. That means getting your weight right where you want it, getting your energy, digestion and focus maximized, and doing it all naturally and safely. 

You deserve to discover your ultimate mind and body. Join me to be your best.