The Vital You Method

- Are you tired of bouncing around from doctor to doctor?

- Are you told everything looks fine when you don't feel fine? 

- Are you confused with all the conflicting information online?

- Are you looking for a smarter and more proactive approach with your    health?

The Vital You Method...

+ Puts YOUR goals first

+ Is a smart & proactive approach

+ Looks for the root causes instead of just managing symptoms.

+ Gives you control over your health, prevent chronic disease and    needless suffering

Become Vital!

I believe that optimal health allows you to think, feel, move, function, and contribute at the level of your highest power.

The Vital You Method is centred around YOU and not the diagnosis. It is an approach that acknowledges your unique circumstances and one that provides a personalised solution to optimize your health from the cellular level on.

After sitting down with you (in-person or video call) and evaluating your health goals, I will address the 6 Pillars of Health.

The 6 Pillars of Health

1. Mitochondria

2. Detoxification

3.. Brain Health

4. Diet & Digestion

5. Stress, Hormones & Inflammation

6. Lifestyle & Environment

I assess these 6 Pillars via functional lab testing and careful history, and work towards finding a root-cause resolution. 

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